The Whistler Presents Gavin MacFadyen Memorial Award |

The Whistler Presents Gavin MacFadyen Memorial Award

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The Whistler, a whistleblowing support organisation co-founded by the CIJ's late Founder Director Gavin MacFadyen and Eileen Chubb, Director of Compassion In Care, was at the Byline Festival last Saturday to announce the winner of an award in Gavin's memory.

The Gavin MacFadyen Memorial Award will be presented annually to a publisher or journalist who has helped a whistleblower expose the truth. The intention of the award is to honour Gavin's life and achievements and inspire other journalists.

Eileen Chubb and Christine England of the Whistler spoke alongside Gavin's wife, Susan Benn, at last weekend's Byline Festival where they presented the inaugural award to Private Eye for its work with whistleblowers over the years.

Opening the presentation ceremony, Susan Benn said "Gavin would be delighted to have his name associated with this award to celebrate Private Eye's commitment to publishing the work of courageous whistleblowers in the public interest. He and Eileen founded The Whistler to offer legal, emotional and psychological support to whistleblowers from all walks of life. The need is greater than ever as more and more people are standing up to expose wrongdoing in the public interest.

"The Whistler aims to encourage generous public-spirited lawyers, psychologists and psychiatrists to offer their support to whistleblowers at times they need it most. I hope this award will encourage people who can help to come forward."

Watch the Whisler's short video for more about Gavin and the award in his honour.

The Whistler supports whistleblowers and helps them to bring their stories to light through exemplary journalists like Gavin. @Whistler_News

We will be honouring the memory of Gavin MacFadyen at the #CIJSummer Investigative Journalism Conference 2017. Do not miss the inaugural Gavin MacFadyen Memorial Lecture delivered by a corageous Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez on Sat 24 June. 


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