The Bad Press Awards
Campaigning for Truth and Trust in Britain's feral press


In association with the Trashies created by Media Diversified


Nominate an article, paper or person for the coveted Bad Press awards



Because a bad press is worse than bad sex... 

Every year the Bad Press Awards will seek nominations for some of the most transparently inaccurate and inflammatory newspaper stories, sponsored content on news sites, and self serving conflicts of interest in the media.  

After a call for nominations to end in April 2018, a team of judges will then select a shortlist, with the winners in each category to be announced in early at the next Byline Festival in a ceremony hosted by John Cleese.



The Byline Festival also hosted the first Gavin MacFadyen Memorial Award to be presented annually to a publisher or journalist who has helped a whistleblower expose the truth.

This year's winner was Private Eye.

Find out more at the Whistler Site

For all the fun, this prize giving is a serious campaign to out the worst of the press, raise standards and keep the media honest by holding them to account. 

For this reason, the Bad Press Awards is part of a not-for-profit community interest company, The Byline Foundation, dedicated to help communities misrepresented and under-represented in journalism.



As the year of Brexit, Migrant Hatred and attacks on Hijab wearing news reporters, 2016 should be a bumper year for the Bad Press Awards
— Stephen Colegrave
Though the Bad Press Awards should be as fun and satirical as the Bad Sex awards or the Raspberries, it’s deadly serious
— Richard Peppiatt
In the end, this is all about supporting good journalism, with profits from the event reinvested in grants for newcomer and student journalists
— Peter Jukes