The Trashies winners to be announced at Byline Festival 2-4 June – Media Diversified

The Trashies winners to be announced at Byline Festival 2-4 June

The Trashies – think a news media equivalent to Hollywood’s Razzies – were created because we believe in the importance of a free, fair and representative press.

These awards challenge journalism that’s lazy, bigoted, ill-researched and misinforming. It’s easy for writers to avoid reading the comments and to swerve their critics on Twitter but we want audiences, especially audiences of colour, to come into the conversation and discuss the problems of journalism that makes space for racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia.

You’ve made your nominations over the last couple of months, and we’ve had the traumatic experience of reading them all. Now it’s time to cast your votes for the Trashiest Publication, Trashiest Writer and Trashiest Article awards.

Vote below and be sure to share what you think on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll be presenting the accolades at the inaugural Byline Festival, on 2-4 June in Essex, tickets are still available here if you want to come jeer with us in the flesh.


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